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MONDAY, 27 MAY, 2013 | 08:33 WIB
The US Ambassador is a Batik Fan

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – US Ambassador Scot Marciel and his wife, Mae, are not just being diplomatic when they tell people they love batik. Marciel admits to having a collection of batik shirts.

“Ten long-sleeved and six short-sleeved ones,” said Marciel, who first took up his post in Jakarta on August 2010.

Admittedly, it is not just the interesting motifs which makes him find batik attractive, but also the comfort they provide being basically a cotton shirt, just right for the hot and humid tropical climate.

Marciel likes batik so much; he has introduced a policy of wearing batik on Fridays at the US Embassy. Reportedly, the embassy staff holds a Best Batik contest.

The next addition to the Ambassador’s collection will be the batik serambit, identical sarongs especially made for couples, usually worn at Javanese weddings. (*)
contoh batik serambit:


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